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When your audience matters, trust Bayou City Sound


 If it involves amplification and audiences, B.C.S. is right for the job. We take the worry out of sound production and ensure success for an event of any size, with any number of people, in any location, with any challenges that may arise. We treat every event as unique and pride ourselves on providing creative, sometimes even unusual, audio solutions.


Our specialty areas include:

Concerts and Touring
No company understands the nuances of concert sound better than BCS. Concert production is where we got our start, and we continue to sharpen our services with every event. Now, with more than 50 years of experience in concert production services, BCS develops the most sophisticated, high-performance house and monitor systems available.  Sound that audiences remember. Powerful, articulate, and coherent sound for groups such as Sammy Davis Jr., Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, George Jones, and the Houston Pops Orchestra. Sound that moves audiences to their feet, screaming for more. No company does it better.

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Corporate and Events
BCS takes the experience of massive concert sound production and applies the same dedication to quality to events such as trade shows, investor meetings, and business conventions. Poor sound production at these events means that attendees lose value and information — poor sound means a poor event. Whether the event is in a ballroom, convention center, domed stadium, or outdoor venue, BCS ensures the sound is visually unobtrusive, clear, and impactful.

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Sports and Television
Broadcast sound is a completely different ballgame than live event audio. Whether it’s for sports or special events, BCS knows the difference and is adept at providing exceptional sound in unconventional environments.

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Mega Events
Bringing headline events to live and broadcast audiences presents a myriad of challenges. BCS is ready for anything. In fact, events other companies have labeled “impossible” have become commonplace for BCS.  From Presidential Inaugurations and monument dedications to tearing down the Berlin Wall, BCS has delivered exceptional sound. Our attention to detail, creative ideas and unique products provide the difference time and time again — the difference your audience will notice.

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